It Is High Time Other Providers Too Follow Jio Queued Recharges

When you recharge a voucher when existing plan is active, Jio will queue it and make it available once your existing plan gets over. For example, if I recharge for 303 and 503 together in Jio, it gets queues up and can use one after the other/

However, other providers will kill your current plan and activate the new plan effective the date of recharge. This means part of your old plan is lost. Other providers provide good offers mostly before the expiry of your current offer to get benefited from this lose.

Airtel Data Carry Forward Explained

We were getting contradicting information about Airtel's data carry forward from different customer care representatives. So we decided to try it out on our own, to help our users as well as Airtel customer care representatives.  

Many customer care represent said data will carry forward only to next immediate cycle. But today we can see that it is not true. Whole of the data (previous + current) from previous cycle got into the new cycle. 

Even a degrading plan change was doe in the cycle. 

Airtel Itself Is Confused With Airtel Postpaid Promises

Airtel has recently launched few offers which they claim as Airtel Postpaid Promise. Interestingly, Airtel customer care itself is not sure about the promises. For example, consider the below two promises.


Airtel Data Carry forward

Is Airtel Family Plan Defeating the Purpose of Linking Adhar?

Airtel is providing two versions of family plan. One with limited plan and one with unlimited. While you can add a family member for as low as 33 per month in corparate family plan (limited), you can add a member for 299 for the unlimited infinity plan.

However there is a catch. All connections should be in one person't name and should be linked to one Adhar card. Is it defeating the purpose of linking individual adhar to mobile connections. With airtel family, a family will have one adhar linked instead of per person adhar.

Stop Whatsap to Save Photos into Camera Roll in iPhone

Saw it in another place, saving it here:

To stop Whatsapp to save to Camera Roll:

  • Go to Settings
  • Scroll down and tap on Privacy
  • Tap on Photos
  • Now turn off the switch for WhatsApp


Once you go back, Whatsapp will show a message that saving media will be disabled and you can enable it by going to settings > chats. 


However, you will also not able to save any images, even manual, to iPhone.


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