Authorized MI Retailer Flipkart Blames MIUI

Flipkart, an authorized MI retailer, has blamed MIUI by saying that even if it displays 7 or 9 hours charging time in MIUI, actual time may be much different, even an hour. They also adds that even if MI hardware check (*#*#6484#*#*) is failing, the device will not have problems; it is just issue with MI hardware check (*#*#6484#*#*) process and flipkart has apps much superior to find if there are actualy issues.

Flipkart MI Note 4 Sale And Replacement Fraud With Proof

Whenever Flipkart conduct MI sales stock runs out in no time. Even the Flipkart site has crashed at times. However, worst of worst is that their software bug has allowed customer to buy Note 4 when there is no sale (and probably out of stock) and still they managed to deliver a, probably defective, device. Replacement request was raised on time and the issue was verified successfully by the representative.

An Open Letter To Vodafone Management - Please Do Not Lose Focus On Software, Customer Service and Postpaid Customers

I was a happy customer of Vodafone until few months back when I was a prepaid customer. Things were not the same after I migrated to postpaid. I think Vodafone really panicked when Jio came in and did many things, which their systems not customer service never understood. 

The Wait For BSNL Landline Continues

Indian state-owned telecommunications company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is the largest provider of fixed telephony and broadband services with more than 60% market share in India, according to wikipedia. However, in recent years there has been intense competition in the Indian telecommunications sector.

Does Facebook give donations for sharing posts?

I get a lot of posts telling facebook will donate dollars if we share that post. But is it true? Will they really give? My experience is that if there is some contribution needed, they will declare it and even check with you if you would like to contribute as in the recent Nepal earthquake. 

I still don't know the answer for sure, so please comment if you know it for sure.


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