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Testing Airtel Speed (Ookla Speedtest) And Open Network Promise At Doddanakundi Bangalore

This is a test of Airtel's speed at Innovative Aqua Front, an appartment that is located at Doddanakundi in Bangalore, near to Doddanakundi lake. Speed and voice clarity is very bad within the apartment. Finally decided to port all 5 numbers within my family, as most residents were also planning. However, Airtel has asked for one more chance.

Is CIBIL Score Fooling You? Or Is It Banks That Are Fooling You?

Credit Information Report (CIR) summarizes your payment history of loans and credit cards borrowed from all banks and financial institutions. Based on this credit history, a ‘Credit Score’ is generated. The CIBIL Score is a 3-digit number ranging from 300-900. The closer your score is to 900, the stronger your credit profile, and better chance of getting loans in best interests (based on most advertisements).

Beware - Porting to Airtel Can Lead To Days of Downtime

I had raised a request to Airtel for porting my connection. I got a message telling old sim will stop by 13/6/2017 10.55 PM and can use the new sim after that. Tata Docomo connection got disconnected as communicated around 3/6/2017 10.55 PM. However Airtel did not get activated, not then, not by morning. Morning a customer care representative asked to wait for 24 hours (8 + 24 hours downtime?) and later another rep mailed to wait for 72 hours (12 + 72 hous?). 3 full days and 1 night of downtime?  

Customer Are Leaving Vodafone Not Just Because of Lack of Good Plans

After the introduction of Jio, many providers are coming up with plans to lure customers. People usually leave a network and go to networks with better plans. It is a fact that Airtel has better plans for corporate employees. You can checkout the offers section for latest offers. Getting to know Vodafone's latest offers is also very difficult. However, customers are now leaving Vodafone not just because of lack of good plans, but also because of their customer care, policies and their software.


Is Airtel Fooling Customers With Older iPhone Offers?

If you go to the Airtel website or do a quick google search, you can see the page with 10GB per month offer for iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus. However, if you go through the links and see the date, offer has expired far before (almost 6 months back).


Last two lines of the T&C states that offer is expired and Airtel can do whatever they want (including continue the offer?)


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