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Someone Fooled Reliance Communications and They Can't Digest It Yet

Someone fooled reliance communications with a fake number, took multiple data connections, used it and then vanished leaving no clue. Unfortunately reliance has been calling me the tenth time now asking to pay bill. Why should I pay for some Ravi Kumar or Gopi. It can also happen that he was the previous owner of this number. I just took it few months back.

Honda Car Service - With Expensive Service, Is It Wrong To Expect Some Quality and Assurance?

I have given my car for a minor body repair work on the rear bumber at a Honda Service center (Whitefield Honda, ITPL Main Rd, Garudachar Palya, Mahadevapura, Bengaluru) and they said they will do service as well as it was 6 months from my previous service. I never knew at that time, it was my biggest mistake to ask them to service as well. The car was working fine and had no issues before service, but not after service. 

Open Letter To killerfeatures - Avoid Fully Misleading Titles To Get Visitors Please

Hi Killerfeatures Team,

I used to read posts from your site, but recently the way you try to attract people into coming to your site has made me not come into your site at all. For example, consider your post on Confirmed: The Xiaomi Mi 6 Won’t Be Launching In These Countries" available @

Is it an - Scam?

I got a notification in MI community app with screenshots that stated that I will get PRO subscription in app and my phone is an eligible one. I followed the steps and did not get any PRO account. I followed every step and logged in using my account which I had used to buy my MI Max (Prime).

I even got an email from after registration:


You have successfully signed in with you’re Mi credentials on

Authorized MI Retailer Flipkart Blames MIUI

Flipkart, an authorized MI retailer, has blamed MIUI by saying that even if it displays 7 or 9 hours charging time in MIUI, actual time may be much different, even an hour. They also adds that even if MI hardware check (*#*#6484#*#*) is failing, the device will not have problems; it is just issue with MI hardware check (*#*#6484#*#*) process and flipkart has apps much superior to find if there are actualy issues.


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