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Citibank Customer Service Experience Made Me Close My Account in a Week

Bad customer service, slow systems, lack of responsibility and trustworthiness from customer service representatives have made me cancel my Citibank Salary account (Suvidha) in a week.

The representative had come to my office (9590386113), took all documents and I had filled in the form as she had suggested. Later account was activated, but I got a mail telling my ready creadit feature (one of the major highlists they say during account promotion) was not activated.

Best of Bluehost May Not Be The Best In Real World

Bluehost is one of the very old providers we have tried. It used to be very good initially and due to some bad experiences with uptime, we had moved to another host. With their recent improvements, we decided to give them chance again. But looks like things have become worse, not just in performance but with their support as well.

A potential bug with facebook ad approval process

I found a potential bug with Facebook's ad approval process. I could find that their calculation of text content in ads is at least 140% inaccurate in my case. According to the Facebook tool, my text content was 48%. However, I could just move the same text to different regions of the same ad and bring it down to under 20%. I am providing the details here so that the Facebook technical team can look into the details, clarify my doubts and confirm if this is actually an issue or if this is designed as is.


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