Bad Combination: Samsung Estore (BYOD), Savex Technologies and Delhivery


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Samsung Estore BYOD website provides you with additional offers for corporate employees. An important thing to note here is that all the orders received on will be serviced by Savex Technologies Pvt. Ltd., a national distributor of Samsung. And Savex technologies uses Delhivery as one of their delivery partners.

I called it a bad combination in the title because none of these three (Samsung, Savex Technologies or Delhivery) are ready to take responsibility for your delivery. Samsung website mentioned 2-4 days for a product and updated the status as shipped the other day itself. However, even on the fourth day Delhivery is saying they got the product but not soft data required to send it from Savex technologies.

When I called Savex technologies on the third day they said they will send the required data. They should have sent it earlier with the product or in response to multiple reminders from Delhivery (as they claim) for 3-4 days. This was very unprofessional. They should have atleast provided me a communication id or new deadline.

Now, after three days Savex Technologies are claiming that they have sent it to the logistic partner and logistic partner has sent to the courier. But when I call the courier they insist that they have not recieved anything. In any case, if I had not called both of these when would they have started these process of at least blaming each other?

So where does Samsung comes into the picture? I have sent multiple mails to Samsumg estore @ However, there is no real response from them except from the automated responses and forwarded to other team messages.

Below are the screenshots from Samsung byod website order tracking screen taken on Jan 2 2019. Order was placed on Dec 28, 2018.




Jan 1, 2019 

Delhivery status is still same that they have not received soft data from Savex. I had bought the mobile as an anniversary gift and now there is no way I will get it on time. Thank you Savex Technologies. I hope they will at least reply back with an explanation or action taken. 

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Please help in making Savex Technologies listen and respond. Their FB reviews page is at I have posted there as well.

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