Jio Diwali Cheating


MyJio App started displaying a banner for Diwali Dhamaka offers in MyJio App. Upon clicking it goes to another page and inside a banner says 2200 instant cashback for new and existing customers for any new 4G handset. There is a read more link, but no terms and conditions link on the banner.

However after recharging customer care is telling that was just a Marketing trick and offer is applicable only on select 4G handsets and you can see if you dig deeper into terms and conditions. They why say any new 4G handset in the banner? I believe it is cheating. They should not have mentioned any new 4G handsets. 

Interestingly on my Airtel number I got cashback vouchers for 2000 even if it was an IPhone (note Jio does not have any offers mentioned for IPhones). I expected more from Jio.



Another person called in response to my mail and said you cannot believe what is mentioned in banner. So can I put out a banner saying "Unlimited iPhones for everyone" and then when someone click to know more it says "everyone means only my wife"?

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