Packtpub Mapt Review - Cheating or Buggy Software?


I have an yearly basic subscription with PacktPub Mapt and I am supposed to read books and see videos. My subscription is valid until Feb 2019. However, on July 2018, I was suddenly not able to see videos or read books. There is no option in the website to rais a support ticket. Only option available to try was  to send a mail to the email maptsupport@packtpub.comI even tweeted to them.

I was trying to do some research and was going through videos and books. It was a surprise that I was no longer able to access the account without even a notice. It was asking me to sign up for trial account and when I click on that it says subscription already present. So effectively I was not able to use my account with a basic subscription.

The website also provided option to upgrade to Pro from Basic. As last resort I tried that and to my surprise I can access books and videos now. Question is why I was not able to access videos or books without any notice? It was part of my basic plan. And why I had to upgrade to a higher plan to access it again?

Off topic, but looks like they are using an eventual consistency model, for plan subscriptions. Plan was upgraded, but took some time for dates to update in UI. 

I am waiting for a reply from them anyway on why I was not able to access videos and books with my basic subscription.


Update - July 8 2018

Even after upgrading, I am still not able to properly see some book pages.

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