PayTm Mall Fastag Scam or Lack of Professionalism and Better Ways To Handle Fastag Queries


Paytm takes the order for Fastag, then because of buggy software ask customer to send documents in mail after 10 days, and after 10 more days (total 20) they cancel without proper reason. The money is with them for at least 20 days and it takes upto 34 days to reach you back. What about the interest? 500 from one person is ok, but what if there are many people like me? Is it a scam or just lack of professionalism?

I raised a request for PayTm fastag on June 5 2018. I got a link to upload document after few days. The link was not opening from system, but from mobile. However when I submit details in correct format, it says wrong format. When I called customer care on June 14 2018, they said it is a known issue and asked me to send details to and, and I did. 

I was however still getting reminders. I tried calling them on the paytm mall hotline 011 33776677. However, noone answered for a very long time and they played a message asking to contact through th contact form. I did that too, but got no response. Finally on June 25 morning, I got a cancelled message without mentioning refund details. When I logged in, it says refund will reach me in upto 14 days.

I called back to another paytm mall fasttag specific customer care number at 1800-1026-480. They however picked up the call, checked their mails and confirmed that they have received my documents in mail on June 14 2018. However they did not had any clear explanation on why my order was not processed. How can they confirm if they forgot to check mail or is it something that they do knowingly. 

The customer care rep also asked me to raise another request. When I asked if the request will be rejected with same reason as before, he did not had any answers. First time when I asked for a complaint number, call was disconnected. Second time when I called they at least gave a complaint number: 72765864. Order details are available in the screenshot attached.

BTW, mine is an Aadhar linked account. Still they ask for KYC every time I call. And not related, but after using an Adhar linked paytm, my Uber account stopped working. 


Lessons Learned 

  1. Never do work arounds for buggy software, instead fix them soon.

  2. Do not contact paytm mall care number or form, you might not get a response. If it is fastag related contact 1800-1026-480 (this may change).

  3. Never trust paytm or paytm mall if you really care for time and money. It is almost a month and they cancelled. Now I have to raise again and follow all the process. Who is accountable for the time I wasted waiting and the interest for my money when it stayed with them? What about many others who might have also faced similar issues? 


I am waiting for a proper response from someone responsible. 



I received a call on same day after this blog and a person issued fastag on same day. It reached me in two days time. However now, EVEN BEFORE OPENING PACK, SOMEONE ELSE IS USING IT OVER TOLLS AND MY MONEY IS GTTING DEDUCTED. Complaint number is 73925542.

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