Why You Should Think Again Before Buying an Amex Card Offline?


Recently, I had purchased an American Express Membership card from an executing standing at the store. They said they are having best offers. However the card carries a joining fee of Rs. 1000 and renewal fee of Rs. 4500. I was surprised to know later that Amex is selling the same card online with no joining fee and no renewal fee. My colleague from same company and same salary slab got a card online on the same week but with no joining fee and no renewal fee, and some vouchers too.

When I confronted the sales person over a mail, his manager replied that it is only the best offer offline. Online offers are always better. Basically the time and salary of the sales people has to be taken care right? But from a consumer perspective I am on a loss. 

And later when I posted this on Social media another representative called me and talked so rude that I felt like cancelling my card. Later she called again and asked me to wait for few days. Is it worth your time and money to take American Express cards offline?


After I had posted my feedback on the executive, she called again and offered some points as she did her best and could not give same offers as you would get it online. I accepted the points anyway.

So the verdict holds. You should never take an Amex card offline from store fronts or malls or from company premises. You will lose out a lot.

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