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[U-Blog] Airtel Data card Postpaid Plans Under 1000 - March 2018

Airtel Postpaid Data card plans without Voice and SMS.

Following are details of all the plans available under 1000.

  • Rs 399 – Daily 2GB (Monthly 60GB and Offer additional data 5GB)
  • Rs 599 – Daily 4GB (Monthly 120GB and Offer additional data 8GB)
  • Rs 799 – Daily 6GB (Monthly 180GB and Offer additional data 12GB)
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[C-Blog] Vistaprint Review and T Shirt Buying Guide

Vistaprint is an online website where we an order printed items like mugs, T Shirts etc. My experience with Vistaprint was good enough. They usually say they deliver on or before the expected delivery date. However, this time they shipped only on the deliery date, but managed to speed up and get the item delivered the next day. So one day delay from expected date of delivery.

Does Airtel TV Has Different Quality And Standards For iPhone and Android Users?

Today I thought of watching IND vs SA cricket in Airtel TV on my iPhone. It took a lot of time to load the game. Even after loading sound comes and goes. I just tried watching the same game simultaneously from an Android phone and could see that game was much ahead with an extra wicket fallen in the Android phone. Pic Attached.

[C-Blog] Airtel's Child Plan Policy Is Like Asking a Student to Pay Yearly Fee Every Time He Changes The Division For The Same Course

Is it fair to ask a student to pay yearly fee every time he/she changes division in school. In Airtel family plan, a child can opt to pay yearly rental. Every time you change parent, your one year rental gets lapsed and need to pay it again for an year. 

With Airtel corporate myplan family 299 or 499, you can add a child and pay an advance rent of 399 for one year. Even when moving across from one parent to another parent number within the same corporate in the same plan, you need to pay the whole year rent. 


[C-Blog] How To Link Mobile with Adhar - With and Without Visiting Store

You can link adhar by visiting a store or just from mobile or internet. The notes here are specific to Airtel, should be similar for other providers too.

1.     Visit the nearest Airtel Store with your Aadhaar number to complete the re-verification process. You will receive the verification code (OTP) on your Mobile that would be authenticated during re-verification process.


 2.     Dial 14546 from the number which needs to be verified and follow instructions. 


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