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Is CIBIL Score Fooling You? Or Is It Banks That Are Fooling You?

Credit Information Report (CIR) summarizes your payment history of loans and credit cards borrowed from all banks and financial institutions. Based on this credit history, a ‘Credit Score’ is generated. The CIBIL Score is a 3-digit number ranging from 300-900. The closer your score is to 900, the stronger your credit profile, and better chance of getting loans in best interests (based on most advertisements).

Is PNB Housing Limited Taking Blank Signed Papers A Scam?

PNB Housing Limited collects blank signed papers from customers in the name of loan processing. Interestingly, the blank pages we had to sign already was notary attested. I am not going into the legality of that now, but I was frustrated about adding details there which we had clearly asked not to do; especially enrolling people to Tata AIG insurance without consent. 

Income Tax Exemptions and Limits For Salaried Employees 2016-2017

Here, we will list all income tax exemptions with their limits for salaried employees for the year 2016-1017. All amounts are in Rupees.


80C - 1,50,000

Includes Home loan principal, PF contributions, PPF etc.


Section 24 - 2,00,000

Includes Interest on Home Loan.


Section 80EE - 50,000

Includes Income Tax Benefit on Interest on Home Loan (First Time Buyers)


80 G - No limit


Citibank Customer Service Experience Made Me Close My Account in a Week

Bad customer service, slow systems, lack of responsibility and trustworthiness from customer service representatives have made me cancel my Citibank Salary account (Suvidha) in a week.

The representative had come to my office (9590386113), took all documents and I had filled in the form as she had suggested. Later account was activated, but I got a mail telling my ready creadit feature (one of the major highlists they say during account promotion) was not activated.

How to File RTI Request for Faster PF Transfer Status Update

Here you will see how to file RTI request for faster PF transfer status update. Once you start changing companies, transferring PF and knowing the PF status is not as easy as you think, if you have not already experienced it. After checking with PF office many times, and even after raising a PF grievance and 3 reminders, nothing much happened. But finally I decided to send an RTI request and within 30 days, I got back answer for all the questions I asked. So thought of sharing the process here.

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