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Packtpub Mapt Review - Cheating or Buggy Software?

I have an yearly basic subscription with PacktPub Mapt and I am supposed to read books and see videos. My subscription is valid until Feb 2019. However, on July 2018, I was suddenly not able to see videos or read books. There is no option in the website to rais a support ticket. Only option available to try was  to send a mail to the email maptsupport@packtpub.comI even tweeted to them.

[C-Blog] Useful Facebook YouTube Videos Summary and Review


Useful Facebook YouTube Videos Summary and Review.     


1. Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fGcHOcj1SQA

Views: 59,866


Open Letter To killerfeatures - Avoid Fully Misleading Titles To Get Visitors Please

Hi Killerfeatures Team,

I used to read posts from your site, but recently the way you try to attract people into coming to your site has made me not come into your site at all. For example, consider your post on Confirmed: The Xiaomi Mi 6 Won’t Be Launching In These Countries" available @ https://www.killerfeatures.com/confirmed-the-xiaomi-mi-6-wont-be-launchi....

Site 5 Web Hosting Review

We have been using Site5 for past one year, mainly for our sites under development or beta stages. While their speed is not the best, it is still not the worst. Definitely we could not find it lightning speed as they have named their best plan. 

One thing we liked about the plan was that you will get a separate cpanel for each of your sites. This will help you a lot if different developers are working on different sites.

Also, one thing we liked about Site5 was that, their ticket based support gets back usually within 24 hours max.

Best of Bluehost May Not Be The Best In Real World

Bluehost is one of the very old providers we have tried. It used to be very good initially and due to some bad experiences with uptime, we had moved to another host. With their recent improvements, we decided to give them chance again. But looks like things have become worse, not just in performance but with their support as well.


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