GST Confusions - Is GST applicable for printed books - Is UPS, PacktPub and Lightning Source printing saying so?

Is GST applicable for the import of printed books? Going through internet pages I thought it was NIL, until courier company and PacktPub publishers convinced me otherwise. Yes, these GST rules are a bit confusing for a common man. Continue reading if you want to understand what I mean.

Going through below public links I had the misconception that there is no GST for books and the HSN code 4901 support it.

Amazon Gift Wrap Scam - How Much Money Amazon Would Have Made Through This Scam?

Is this one of the biggest scam in e-commerce industry from Amazon in the recent days? Amazon India, like many other e-commerce providers, allow you to gift wrap your item for a nominal fee. How many of you actually check with the recipient if they actually got it in gift wrap. Will the recipient ever complain?

[C-Blog] Did Apple Silently Recall New Apple IPad Pro 11 Inch?

I have been seeing some good reviews about the new Apple IPad Pro 11 inch. However I could not see much stock recently in any of the stores in Bangalore, especially for the WiFi + Cellular version. Even couldn't find much in online sites like Flipkart. I thought it is because of the demand first. But stores are telling they are not getting the stock at all.

How Savex Technologies, Delhivery and Samsung Ruined My Anniversary Plans

I decided to gift my wife a new Samsung mobile on our wedding anniversary. Since I have previously ordered a mobile and got it within the specified time I decided to order it the same way. Little did I know the trouble I had to go to get a proper response from the involved parties. It is already passed the deadline and shipment has not even started moving from the start all because one of the parties, Savex technologies did something unprofessional (as claimed by delivery partner Delhivery).

[C-Blog] Does Flipkart knowingly sell cheap or low quality products?

The description for one of the products in Flipkart reads: BUY ORIGINAL ONLY FROM XXXX. OTHER SELLERS MAY BE SELLING CHEAP QUALITY REPLICAS. Flipkart agent said he has raised an incedent and will get back (Incident: IN1901010735546676914).



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