Samsung byod site technical glitch disappoint users

Samsung had published special prizing for mobiles on the Samsung byod website and it was till Dec 6th. I was just trying to buy it in last moment. Unfortunately the prizes were reverted back to regular offers not at 12, BUT 10 minutes before at 11.30 PM. Hence I lost the deals. I took a screenshot anyway. Was this a technical glitch or a purposeful cheating? I am waiting for a reply from Samsung.

Why You Should Think Again Before Buying an Amex Card Offline?

Recently, I had purchased an American Express Membership card from an executing standing at the store. They said they are having best offers. However the card carries a joining fee of Rs. 1000 and renewal fee of Rs. 4500. I was surprised to know later that Amex is selling the same card online with no joining fee and no renewal fee. My colleague from same company and same salary slab got a card online on the same week but with no joining fee and no renewal fee, and some vouchers too.

Jio Diwali Cheating

MyJio App started displaying a banner for Diwali Dhamaka offers in MyJio App. Upon clicking it goes to another page and inside a banner says 2200 instant cashback for new and existing customers for any new 4G handset. There is a read more link, but no terms and conditions link on the banner.

Who is Cheating? Vodafone or Samsung?

I recently purchased a Note 9 mobile phone and in the Samsung website they have mentioned offer for Note 9. This was even confirmed at a Vodafone store before porting and after porting Vodafone customer care is telling they do not know anything about the offer and Samsung has put it without their consent, and hence they will not even raise a complaint. The customer care rep was very rude as he know I can now only PORT back after 90 days. 

Amazon India Scam to win over Competition?

Recently Amazon launched the Great Indian Festival to counter Flipkart's Big Billion Sale. To get a competitive advantage Amazon specifies many delivery promise dates for prime customers. It looks like in most cases they do not have any intention to meet these dates. Personally for me, this is the fifth time in recent months that Amazon is failing to deliever on promised date despite being a prime member.

Continue reading until Amazon agent makes me a super man... errrr.... where he add me to a super customer list. Really Amazon?


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