Android to iOS - Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Iphone 7 Plus

When you move from Android to iOS or vice versa, you may like some features, dislike some, and may even face many challenges. I have been using Samsung's flagship S7 currently running on Android 7, for around 6 months and will be now using Apple iPhone  plus. I will list the things I liked and disliked in both versions, along with any challenges I faced and if possible solutions as well.


General Thoughts / Mixed Thoughts

MyIDEA Stores vs. Idea Customer Care - Best Option For The Customer Is Now To Port

Customer was not allowed to migrate to prepaid from postpaid multiple times by the same idea store. After the first incident, he complained to the customer care. They said he can migrate after initial 90 days and even gave a mail confirmation. However, even after 90 days the store insists that they will not do, even after customer shows them the mail. So customer is left with no option, but to port. He has also recorded the conversations, posted in youtube and have shared the link here for proof.

Vodafone IPL Offer For Postpaid - 26 GB 4G Data and Unlimited Calls Per Month For Rs. 499

Most mobile operators are trying to lure other operator customers to them and Vodafone also seems to follow others. Recently a customer having a non-Vodafone operator sim got an automated call that said that his number has been selected for the IPL offer and can get 26 GB 4G Data and Unlimited Calls Per Month For Rs. 499. After pressing 1, he got a call from a Vodafone representative to explain the benefit and take documents.

BSNL Offers - Get 270 GB As 3GB Data Per Day for 90 Days, Unlimited Calls and More

BSNL has introduced many aggressive offers to counter Jio and some of them are even better than that of Jio. BSNL does not have 4G unlike Jio, but at certain places its 3G has more speed than Jio 4G (but remember it depends on places and hence check out your place). Anyway, it will at least have 2G almost anywhere in India.

Please find details of most popular conter offers from BSNL: 

STV 333

Is PNB Housing Limited Taking Blank Signed Papers A Scam?

PNB Housing Limited collects blank signed papers from customers in the name of loan processing. Interestingly, the blank pages we had to sign already was notary attested. I am not going into the legality of that now, but I was frustrated about adding details there which we had clearly asked not to do; especially enrolling people to Tata AIG insurance without consent. 


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