Amazon Gift Wrap Scam - How Much Money Amazon Would Have Made Through This Scam?


Is this one of the biggest scam in e-commerce industry from Amazon in the recent days? Amazon India, like many other e-commerce providers, allow you to gift wrap your item for a nominal fee. How many of you actually check with the recipient if they actually got it in gift wrap. Will the recipient ever complain?

I recently made three orders of an item from Amazon with gift wrap. Three times it came without gift wrap. Every time they repeat their appology and happily refund the gift wrap amount. However, as I asked before, how many of you actually check with the recipient if they got it in gift wrap? Would anyone actually complain about the wrapping of the gift from the sender? So this is an easy way to make money. If someone complain just replace their small amount and keep money from all those who would never complain and trust Amazon. 

Order IDs are as follows if someone want to verify:

  • ORDER # 405-3971675-4674735

  • ORDER # 405-9254175-3318735

  • ORDER # 405-4792035-5869922

  • ORDER # 408-0864740-1892313

What about the confirmation from Amazon that this will not happen after first two mistakes? Did they actually take any action? Or simply appologised and assumed I won't order again?

First time mistake, second and third time may be, but fourth time in a row can never be considered a mistake. It should be purposeful. That too after promising every time that this will never be repeated.

I am wiating for a proper appology and reply from Amazon Management on the same. 

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