Amazon India Scam to win over Competition?


Recently Amazon launched the Great Indian Festival to counter Flipkart's Big Billion Sale. To get a competitive advantage Amazon specifies many delivery promise dates for prime customers. It looks like in most cases they do not have any intention to meet these dates. Personally for me, this is the fifth time in recent months that Amazon is failing to deliever on promised date despite being a prime member.

Continue reading until Amazon agent makes me a super man... errrr.... where he add me to a super customer list. Really Amazon?

The reasons updated by Amazon transport agents is the one of the worst experiences. The common updates includes customer could not be contacted (when actually customer had already talked to the representative), customer was not available at residence (when other items were delivered by Amazon on same day and Amazon courier agent was cought red handed by verifying the CCTV footage which shows he has never attempted as he claims) etc etc. 

So is this a Scam from Amazon to promise false delivery dates for customers to win over Flipkart? Is there any customer servicing rules that applies here since they advertise these things in the name of a paid service (Prime membership). Does Amazon really take any action for these behaviour or they know it is not deliverable and does not care since they pay the delivery boys less? They even compensated with a free month of Prime on the third occurence, but did not offer anything as such in other cases.

Let me also share some interesting things that happened this time. I ordered an item for a friend who is travelling with one day delivery. I called the agent after I received the out of delivery message and he said he will come in one hour. Later his mobile was on call waiting for long time and never answered. By 10.17 PM he updated that could not contact the buyer. He had already talked to me. Moreover no one actually calls an appointment and come. Other two packages were delivered on the same day by other agents without any appointment. At least when I called him he could have told he will not come, but instead asked me to wait at home.

My questions to Amazon Management...

  1. If you are going to quoate the festive rush, then answer these qustions:
    1. Why has this happened in around 4 cases before recently when there were no festive rush?
    2. Why can't you use some kind of ML or AI algorithm to predict the festive rush and commit dates based on that? Currently Amazon commit for one-day delivery and delivers in 3 days. Flipkart commits for 4 day delivery and does it in 3-4 days.
  2. Why did the agent asked me to wait at home and then did not come? Could you have at least told that you will not be able to come because of whatever reason?
  3. Why does the delivery agents always update wrong or misleading information?

Let me also share some interesting discussions I had with Amazon customer care agents. The Amazon customer care agent appologized as usual with the copy paste message. The Amazon customer care agent also said the delivery will happen on 5.30 AM on a Sunday morning this time, which is also two days after the one day delivery date. Another copy paste error? Anyway I am cent percent sure he will not deliver it at 5.30 AM. Will wait and see.

The representative also added me to a super customer list which I do not have any clue about.

Another trick to calm down angry customers? So I chcecked again with another rep after some time to see if I am really part of any super customer list and see the response for yourself. Second rep says there is no such concept at all. Does the agents make this up or Amazon gives training for the same?

Amazon customer care provides almost same copy paste message every time: Please give us last change... Blah Blah Blah... We will add you to super customer list.. Blah Blah Blah... This will not happen again... Blah Blah Blah... It will be delievered in next two days for sure... Blah Blah Blah... Blah Blah Blah... And still it happens again and again and again. So I will wait for a response from Amazon management. Tracking ID for the latest delivery issue is 209222904824 if Amazon wants to check. From the id they can track the user and track all previous communications with customer care for proof.


Another Experiences

ORDER # 402-5308314-2125948 was out for delivery and was never delievered. But system says I received the item in person.

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