BlueDart Reviews - Unethical Practices To Keep Targets


Marking the request as 'Consignee Not Available' when you can't deliver has become a common practice, especially during festive seasons. I had experienced this twice and hence did a quick search for BlueDart in FaceBook and could realize that I was not the only person with such an experience.


Summary of recent events

A courier which was already delayed was supposed to be delivered at my residence. It has also reached Marathahalli (Bangalore) office. I had called them up and they said it will be delivered. Somehow in their address they had updated my office name on top of both home and office address. But they said it it not a concern as they will come to your doorstep. I waited whole day at home as it was very important. Whenever I call customer care, they say their systems are slow and not working. They are not able to take any complaints also. They don't have any info about the delivery person as well. Later, today morning I can see the status as consignee not available. I was available whole day. Otherwise also they would have to register at Security gate, which also did not happen. They couldn't meet the target and simply put the blame on the end user.

Another bluedart person had come for another delivery and we had checked with him, but he said banking couriers handled by another person (and by the way he was telling and the way he was smiling, we could guess something was wrong). If they were never going to call, why did they wait for my mobile number in the first place and delayed the delivery for these many days. Anyway their systems can't find out numbers based on the mobile number as confirmed by a representative yesterday. This is not the first time this has happened with Bluedart. Whenever they can't reach somewhere they will simply update as recipient not available or some silly reason. At least try to be truthful and accept your mistakes. 

Please note that the courier was already delayed. The parcel was sent to me from SBI earlier (a cheque related to a loan). SBI people also gave me the reference number. When I checked it in BlueDart site, it was put on hold and when I called them they said SBI did not sent them my mobile number and hence they put it on hold. They said they have mailed SBI. I gave them my number and called back SBI. They said they had sent all details and BlueDart has not sent any mail as per their records. But they assured that even if the cheque comes late they will charge me interest from the day they had sent the cheque. How can they charge me interest when I have not even received the loan. For this original delay, I am yet to decide whether to blame SBI or BlueDart. But marking the status as recipient not available when the recipient was available whole day is something not very good.


Update on 11-10-2016

I have forwarded a mail with this link to

Update on 11-10-2016

They sent the courier through another agent who said he was sent as it was urgent. He said he doesn't know about yesterday's agent. 

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