Customer Are Leaving Vodafone Not Just Because of Lack of Good Plans


After the introduction of Jio, many providers are coming up with plans to lure customers. People usually leave a network and go to networks with better plans. It is a fact that Airtel has better plans for corporate employees. You can checkout the offers section for latest offers. Getting to know Vodafone's latest offers is also very difficult. However, customers are now leaving Vodafone not just because of lack of good plans, but also because of their customer care, policies and their software.


Inconsistencies with the software

Recently a customer care representative told I have 20GB of data, but the Vodafone App was not showing it. Vodafone App has still more issues: it says I am not the head of the family plan, when I am not a family plan member and Vodafone itself says there is no applicable family plan for me.


Longer time to respond

I decided to clarify the difference of data shown in app through mail. Got a mail and message telling they will get back within 1 day, but nothing happened. If they can't get back due to whatever reasons, they should at least update their automated mail and message.

The only way to talk to people sensible is to send out a PORT request. But now even they are not worried much (probably because IDEA deal has gone through?). Even I sent a PORT request.


False Communications and Promises

Finally when I sent a PORT request, the first rep who called said she will activate some plan and I will get SMS. But no SMS came. Then another one called when I was watching a movie, and said will call back in 30 minutes. Again, no callback on that day. Next rep called the other day and said some other offer (less attractive than previous) will be activated by EOD, but nothing happened till EOD. Next morning I could see my existing data limit has got decreased.


Unusable and Confusing Offers

I was given 5 GB extra for 3 cycles. It was actually for 90 days exact. And during the last cycle it got over in between. Interestingly, none of my data usages till that point of the month were counted against it. So effectively that 5 GB is unusable right? If I had used my complete data unknowingly I would have got charged at the end of the cycle right? Even Vodafone's new partner IDEA calculates data first against the add on pack until it expires or get over and then starts to count against the base pack.

This is the most important catch I have seen. Once you have availed a handset offer, you cannot avail any handset offer for any handsets for the lifetime of your number. This was denied by the retention rep and social media rep at first, but checked with their seniors and confirmed back with an apology that you cannot avail any more handset offers in future (for a different new handset).


Bad Experience History

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