Did Flipkart and RetailNet just commit the cheapest sale day fraud in history of online shopping?


Flipkart Independence Day Sale 2019 happened on 8th, 9th and 10th August 2019. They sold many products on huge discounts.

I ordered few toys on discount during the sale for my kid with below proces. But after the sale day Flipkart cancelled it and asked me to buy from the same seller for almost double the price. 

On the day of the delivery they cancelled these three products. When I called customer care they said various different resons and asked me to order at a higher price.

The reason the officially told over mail was that items were cancelled by the seller as their partnered courier service provider is currently unable to deliver to your address. However I can still see the products available to be ordered to my place, but with a higher price. Read more to learn more.

Above amount is the amount without discount. Then got another mail that said the actual amount is refunded.

When I checked online at the same time the item is still deliverable to my address with a higher price from same seller (See its current availability from same seller to my PIN code on your own from screenshots attached later). 

When I called customer care they asked me to order it again on a higher price if I want the product. So if I order the product again on a higher price how will the same seller deliever? So did someone order the product on a higher price and they cancelled my order? Or do they not want to sell the product on the offer day list price?

See its current availability from same seller to my PIN code on your own from screenshots below.


If my doubts are to be true this is the cheapest fraud that Flipkart and RetailNet has done in the name of sale in this year's Independence day sale. I am looking into legal opinions on taking this to consumer court. 

I am more sad since my kid was expecting the toys.

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