I Should Not Have Chosen Sony For 3D TV


I regret for buying a 3D TV from Sony. 3D glasses were not in the pack and it is not available to buy either. Oh yes, it is available with some people outside Sony with double and triple the price. I wonder if the glasses sold with double and triple the price in sites such as eBay, amazon etc. are with the knowledge of Sony. I also doubt if Sony is purposefully delaying the delivery of glasses to cover up any manufacturing defect with their 3D TVs. 

I am adding my review here as I don't want more people to get fooled buying Sony 3D TVs. If I had seen such reviews I would have surely bought a Samsung or LG TV instead. This is also a warning for people who buy Sony TVs from other shops like Reliance Digital, Chroma etc. or online sites like Flipkark, Amazon and Snapdeal, as you will read the reason later below.

Based on the latest brochure from Sony Centre, the affected TV models are KD-75X9400D, KD-65X9300D, KD-55X9300D, KDL-50W950D, KDL-43W950D, KDL-55W800D, KDL-50W800D, KDL-43W800D.

I had bought the TV with lots of excitement and ordered a 3D movie along with it. However, I was not able to find 3D glasses anywhere. It was not in the pack, not in the Sony store, not in other electronic stores, not available online. Oh yes, the same glasses that Sony lists in their website for Rs. 1999 is available on some websites for prices as close as 7000.

There is no way to get a call back from store when it is available. The store people also were very rude and they did not even care about customers. This was not however a common experience, as I had this bad experience only in one of the stores which is located in Marathahalli, Bangalore. Others simply say that it will come in next 15 days.

In some sites like snapdeal, flipkart etc. it is out of stock for months. On the other hand, on some other sites like amazon, eBay etc. it is being sold for a very high price. In Sony site, if you click on the buy option it simply shows you the list of stores, which does no have one.

I have bought my TV in Jan 2016 and it is almost 8 months now and still no glasses. I wish I had purchased any other brand TV with an Active 3D itself or a Passive 3D. I could have actually spent less money and watched the movies in 3D. It is very bad that after you spend around 80000 on a TV, you have to wait for months to get its basic accessories. Sony should have ideally placed at least two glasses along with the TV. 

There is definitely shortage as you can see everywhere. So, did Sony not plan and anticipate this well while creating a 3D TV? Or, is the glasses sold with double and triple the price in sites such as eBay, amazon etc. are with the knowledge of Sony? Or, is Sony purposefully delaying the delivery of glasses to cover up any manufacturing defect with their 3D TVs?

I am writing this after a very long time of wait and hope I will get a reply from Sony.


Update on 06-08-2016

I have shared this using Sony contact form and got this response:

Thank you.

Your comments and enquiries concerning Sony products and services are very much appreciated.

A Sony representative will be in touch with you shortly.

We look forward to your continuous support of Sony's products and services.

We seek your understanding and our officers will be responding to your enquiry soon.

Waiting for actual response.


Update on 07-08-2016

I had shared the link through the Sony India contact page as well as their Facebook page, but did not get any reply.

I went to the Sony Centre in Forum mall in Whitefield today and enquired. They said Sony just gives very few glasses and is only given to urgent customers and that too if they have bought it from that shop. This means that those who have bought from other shops like Reliance Digital, Chroma etc. or online sites like Flipkark, Amazon and Snapdeal might not get the Sony Active 3D glasses in regular prices.

Sales person handed over a broshure with an email id, with a warning that you might never get a reply. They said, they themselves have raised complaints but without any proper reply from Sony. Based on the brochure, I have added the affected TV models above.

I have also forwarded this link to sonyindia.care@ap.sony.com and b2bindia@ap.sony.com, based on suggestion from the store people.

Today's response:

Greetings from Sony India.

We have received your Email and your request has been logged as :  33769578.
Please use this Number for any future reference to your request.
Our response time will vary based on the nature of query.
We will make every attempt to respond to you expeditiously.

We solicit your co-operation and understanding.

We assure our best support always.

Customer Care Center 
Sony India


Update on 09-08-2016

I received a mail from Sony India mentioning the store name and contact person to contact for getting the glasses. This was also one of the stores I used to check before without a proper response. Store confirmed they have stock over phone.


Update on 10-08-2016

Though I had to wait for few minutes for the stock to arrive Sony Centre from warehouse, I finally got Active 3D glasses TDG-BT500A on the MRP price of Rs. 1999.

Thanks Sony for this quick response. However it would have been a better experience if I could get glasss without needing to write this blog.

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