Is CIBIL Score Fooling You? Or Is It Banks That Are Fooling You?


Credit Information Report (CIR) summarizes your payment history of loans and credit cards borrowed from all banks and financial institutions. Based on this credit history, a ‘Credit Score’ is generated. The CIBIL Score is a 3-digit number ranging from 300-900. The closer your score is to 900, the stronger your credit profile, and better chance of getting loans in best interests (based on most advertisements).

You can get your cibil score by paying a fee at website. Does it have any significance? Is it worth the money spent? Is this the cibil score that banks use? Aparantly not. I generated my cibil transunion score paying around Rs. 550 at on June 13 2017. It was 819. However, the same day SBI generated it and they got cibil transunion score as 687 and personal score as 839. How does all these numbers match?

We are sending a contact us request to as well as SBI for clarifying this. Will update here if we get any response. Response

Dear Sir,

We refer to recent communication seeking clarification on the CIBIL TransUnion Score 2.0.

Please find the details as below:

The CIBIL TransUnion Score 2.0 is a new, updated version of the Credit score which has been designed keeping in mind the current trends and changes in the consumer profiles & credit data. Banks are gradually switching to the new version and you may find a difference in the new version when compared to the earlier version (i.e., the score 2.0 may be lower than the earlier version). Please note that the score currently available to you is the earlier version. However, the difference in the Credit Score does not impact the credit decisioning during the Loan approval process as both the versions of the score may have a different score eligibility cut off while processing the loan application.

For example, if your Bank earlier used to sanction loans/credit cards to individuals with a credit score of 800 and above i t may lower the score cut-off, if it has switched to the newer version. 

The CIBIL TransUnion Score 2.0 also introduces a risk index score range for those individuals who have a credit history of less than 6 months. These individuals were categorized under the category of "No History- NH" in the earlier version. The score range is from 1-5, with 1 signifying "high risk" and 5 signifying "low risk".

Score 2.0 is summarised as under :

If the score is in the range 300-900, it means
. An individual with a credit history of more than 6 months (in the last 24 months)
. Higher the score, lower the risk

If the Score is Not Applicable (NA) or No History (NH), it means
. Individual has no credit history & it has not been reported to us.
. Individual has no credit history but has only been enquired upon
. Individual has credit history but none that is reported in the 24 months prior to enquiry.
. Individual has a credit history but it has not been reported to us in the last 24 months.

If the risk index is from 1-5, it means
. Individual has a credit history which is less than 6 months, hence a risk Index is returned
. Higher the index (i.e. closer to 5), lower the risk

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