Redmi Note 4 - Power Has a New OUT-OF-STOCK Look?


Redmi Note 4 is definitely a good and decent phone in its price range. But, has MI/Flipkart got their strategy wrong, giving advantage to Honor/Amazon? Honor 6X can be considered as a direct competitor to Redmi Note 4. Though it has an edge over Redmi Note 4 in camera department because of its Dual Camera, in most other specifications and even in price, MI’s Redmi Note 4 comes on top.  Still, has Honor 6X got an unexpected advantage because of the sales strategies of MI/Flipkart and Honor/Amazon?

I tried out the recent Redmi Note 4 sale that happened through Flipkart on Feb 8 2017. Looked like Flipkart site and app, both went down for me at the same time. Asked me to wait for some specified time and once after that the sale was already over. You can find the screen shots below.





Honor 6X sale by Amazon was kept exactly the next day, on Feb 9 2016. Below are few comments under the MI ad for Redmi Note 4 in facebook.

Interestingly, the next sale of MI’s Redmi Note 4 is on Feb 15 2017 and Honor 6X sale is on Feb 15 2017.

Just FYI, even other Redmi models are also out of the stock most of the time, both in Flipkart and MI site.

So my question to MI: Is this part of some strategy or because you are not capable to supply based on demand.

I am still an MI fan and hence writing this hoping to get a reply from MI.


Reply from MI on Feb 11, 2016:

Thanks for writing in with your valuable feedback and concern.
I thank you for the feedback and I have also forwarded the same to the concerned team and see to it such scenarios are not repeated in the coming future which effects the customer satisfaction. However we are trying our best to increase the stock volume so that it could be available to all our Mi Fans Like you.
Your feedback and suggestions are a vital part of our growth and for that we are most grateful to you.
I appreciate your interest for Xiaomi products. Please get back to us in case you have any further query. We would be happy to help you.
Thank you for being a valued customer. Have a Great Day…!!!

So we are moving hte page to RESOLVED, even if the actual issue is not resolved. 

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