Someone Fooled Reliance Communications and They Can't Digest It Yet


Someone fooled reliance communications with a fake number, took multiple data connections, used it and then vanished leaving no clue. Unfortunately reliance has been calling me the tenth time now asking to pay bill. Why should I pay for some Ravi Kumar or Gopi. It can also happen that he was the previous owner of this number. I just took it few months back.

Even after explaining many times, they are still calling me and asking for Ravi Kumar. Each time they will either cancel the call or say they will update the system. Latest I got call from 08046665061. One lady in one of the many calls said the number of his postpaid data card is 9343937111. In last call, another person was telling multiple connections. 

They are still not able to adjust the fact that someone has just fooled them. What verification did they do before allocating multiple data cards on someone else's number? Why they are still calling me and every time telling they have updated the system and will not call again? I have also recorded most of these calls in my phone. 

Let me know what is the best way to escalate this? Should I be complaining to TRAI or a simply police FIR would do?

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