The Wait For BSNL Landline Continues


Indian state-owned telecommunications company Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) is the largest provider of fixed telephony and broadband services with more than 60% market share in India, according to wikipedia. However, in recent years there has been intense competition in the Indian telecommunications sector.

This is about a pending requests for connection transfer and new connection requests for about 7 months now in Doddanakundi area that comes under KR Puram (Bangalore, Karnataka). BSNL is already available in two apartments in Doddanakundi Lake View Road, namely Manasarovar and  VRR Lakeview. Pending requests are for a newer apartment (Innovative Aqua Front) that comes between these two apartments. The apartment has 175 flats and there is no other landline providers available. Consider the revenue BSNL would have got by giving connection to many of these flats.

As a specific case, a transfer request from February 2016 is yet to be processed. In February 2016, telephone exchange people told that 200 meters of cable needs to be laid and the tender will be given only in March 2016 according to government formalities. Now it is September 2016 and there is still no cable to be laid for just 200+ meters. 

We understand that government processes in India takes time. However, it would have been good if we an have some notification (SMS or Email) about the delay like other providers.

We hope this post reaches the ears of the officials and a faster action would be taken.

A grievance is also registered in bsnl website along with a link to this post (KRK/CO/2016/11003) on 13 September 2016 . 

For now, the wait for BSNL landline continues.


Update on 08-10-2016

Many things happened over the last few weeks. I got a call from BSNL head office in response to the grievance and my post. I later recieved a call from the BSNL office KR Puram on October 1st 2016, where they said no other requests are pending and my connection was converted to safe custudy. They asked me to come down and discuss in person, as few of the officers who were there in January/February when we were following up has got transferred. I went down on October 3 2016. I had taken another request also which was still in pending state along with me against their claim of no other pending requests. Then after lots of talks they said they will come and inspect. Finally, again after follow ups they came and visited on October 7 2016,  and said they need to arrange materials and will need one more month. This was the same reason and excuse they told me around 8 months back in January 2016, that we need ot buy wires and materials and this will happen only in March 2016. 

Thinking what to do next. I am sharing this post in hope that some higher authorities see this and help BSNL KR Puram office to buy wires and materials faster this time.


Update on 14-10-2016

I got a call from someone from head office and asked to contact the office in charge again. She told that she will also follow up, but also said that my request is not even in the transfer list. I had told this to another officer when I had gone to the office and he said it will not be a problem and connection will be given. Hoping for the best.


Final Update

After sending an RTI request, they said they cannot do this and closed connection. Though not technically resolved, we are moving this ro RESOLVED as we do not want to follow up with BSNL anymore. They do not want to compete, but just take salary and do nothing as long as company is alive.  

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