Vodafone Finds A New Way to Cheat Customers Or Is the New Buggy UI Costing Them?


Did vodafone launch a new looking UI in an attempt to cheat customers into losing the bill discount much before the date it was promised? Or is it case of a poorly designed and developed software. There has been many negative reviews about the new UI functionalities from my friends, but this one was way too serious.

Customer was offered a rental discount for the 699 plan for 599 for 6 months when he sent the PORT request. Then the app showed an offer (as in the pic) that provided unlimited calls, even outgoing in roaming, with 40GB data base plan and 10GB for 6 months, all for Rs. 499. After activating from the app, normal red for business plan 499 was activated without any discount; so 6 month discount gone in just one month.

Vodafone customer care also has confirmed this (reference197255387). The same plan is provided at 349 with discount for another customer who is just few months into the system, whereas a customer who has stayed a lot with the system gets lesser offers.

Interistingly Vodafone customer care has no idea what the app is displaying. The new UI had come recently in an attempt to impress customers, but ended up being a night mare for cutomers. Issues are not just limited to providing wrong plans, even the current plan details are much different from what customer care has confirmed through mail.

If it is a bug with the app, Vodafone app development team and Vodafone as a whole should be responsible for that. If it is cheating, Vodafone should be punished for the same. In any case. Vodafone should be accountable for the same. Cutomer is looking at legal options for taking this to consumer court or TRAI. Until then, he plans to share this in Social Media. Check out the updates section below for more updates on this issue.

App issues is not limited to my issue. Few other customers we checked with were also not happy with the new app look and features. For instance, as you can see from below image, the app is still to know that the customer plan is 499 when customer care sent a mail a day before about the plan. Similarly, the app shows blank data most of the time.



Nov 2, 2017

Called 198 and they said my plan is 499, but offered at a discount at 399.

Nov 3, 2017

Next got a call from appellate.Kar and said previous info given by customer care was wrong and there is no discount. They even sent a mail confirmation.

Nov 4, 2017

Even in mail it was telling 499 plan, but app is still showing 699 plan. App is fully messed up after recent update. So decided to PORT out to some providers with better clarity on the plan and usage.

Got a call and said what appellate.Kar said was wrong and plan is actually 499 @ 399, but they do not have any way to confirm it in mail. However, when I asked about my offer in app, they were rude to say it is ok to port and cut the call.

Got a call from Social media team and asked to send screenshot again, as they cannot check this link. So sent it again.

Also, raised a request with TRAI checking the process of escalation in such cases.

Nov 6, 2017

Finally raised a complaint with service request number: 197523681.

Nov 9, 2017

The appellate team came back and said they can give their new RED Traveller R package with roaming outgoing which is similar to what they had offered, but will get only 20 GB data instead of the promised 40GB. Since I didn't had much time to go after them again I said ok for now. After they said they have activated, my data went down from existing 36GB to 20GB, however, the plan in the app is still older one. More app issues? Or plan has not changed fully?

In any case, Vodafone has failed to provide the offer they had promised. So this complaint at criticscloud will remain PENDING.

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