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We have recieved this request from Helping India trust <info@helpingindiatrust.org> and have not verified any details provided. Help if you can and provide any feedback about this if you have any. We have however shared the link with the email addresses mentioned @ http://www.aiims.edu/en/important-e-mail-addresses-at-aiims.html for verification.

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Dear Sir/Ma’am,


Greetings from Helping India Trust, hope this mail finds you in the best of health.


We write to you in reference to the discussion that you had with one of our volunteers’.


We would like to share a case of a poor patient, whose family came to us with a hope that the treatment for their son could be done without any delay.


The case is of a child Sumit Kumar who is 8 years old and is suffering from a life threatening disease of Blood cancer and is currently been treated in the All India Institute of Medical Sciences. Please spend the next 5 mins in understanding the details of the case and helplessness of the family so that you understand the importance of your life saving help for this family and the child.


Case History:

Ø  Child Sumit Kumar is suffering with Blood cancer at the age of just 8 Years

Ø  His treatment is been done in AIIMS Hospital for the past 12 months with the Department of Neurosurgery under the guidance of Dr Sameer Bakshi  

ØHis Medical details and Reports are attached in Email please check all the details

Ø  The Patient details are

·         UHID is 101048286


Ø  The only way to save the child is a surgery and repeated cycles of Chemotherapy and radiation therapy for Sumit Kumar for the next 6 months with medications and surgery. And as per doctor’s advice he is suggested to have a


Ø  The approximate cost of this treatment is INR 5,80,000 only (5 lakhs Eighty Thousand Rupees).


Family Details:

Ø  The family is survived by the income of the father is a daily wage laborer earns 200 to 250/ Rs Per day.

Ø  They belong to Bihar, Po:Chechar Thana-Bidupur,Dist: Vaishali, Bihar 844503.

Ø  The family is of 4, Father- Santosh Kumar Gupta, Mother and a younger brother.

Ø  The mother is a house wife.


There is always a parent in every one of us who is protective and concerned towards a child and has a heart to help the ones in need. The irony in today’s world is that we all want to help but are not able to do so as there has always been something that stops us or we don’t know where.


We take this opportunity to help you gain trust by visiting our affiliations and acknowledgements from the government bodies to ensure that your help will be utilized for the ones in need always.



Link:--   http://guidestarindia.org/Summary.aspx?CCReg=8373



Link: --- http://ngo.india.gov.in/view_ngo_details.php?ngo_id=helpingindia@123&ngo_black=0&t_state=0&t_dist_new3=0&sector_key=0&ngo_name=&uniqueid=98546&t_ngo=0



We have also attached the medical documents of the patient for your reference so that you can also understand the medical condition and urgency of this case.


Children are our Future… Let us ensure that our future has a fighting chance!!! Because all human life is scared…


Please help us at:


For Debit/Credit card/ For Net Banking






You can support through bank direct transfer

Central Bank of India

Beneficiary Name - Helping India Trust

Type of Account – Current

Account Number -3536858753

IFSC Code –CBIN0283523

Branch – Main Road B-24 Sector 22


God Bless,


Thanks and Regards

Helping India Trust

Speak to us: +91-9212131371

Write to us: enquiry@helpingindiatrust.org

Website: www.helpingindiatrust.org

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