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We have received this request from jyothi@centreforfundraising.com (link sends e-mail). We have not verified any details provided. Help if you can and provide any feedback about this if you have any.

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​Dear Sir,​

It was a pleasure​ talking to you

​ today​

. As discussed  would like to e-introduce you to The Leprosy Mission Trust India has a long history of 140 years. It is one of the oldest and largest organizations in India working on leprosy prevention and eradication. TLMTI has come a long way from its humble beginning in 1874. It has a presence in nine states in India (Andhra Pradesh, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, Uttarakhand, Uttar Pradesh and West Bengal) through its hospitals, vocational training centres, community development projects, and care of elderly people disabled by leprosy. TLM's work is focused in 9 states, extensively in the rural areas of India where the prevalence of leprosy is still high. India accounts for 58% of world leprosy cases, with 1.26 lakh new cases every year, 12000 of which are children.

Leprosy is a low infectious disease of the peripheral nerves . It spreads through nasal droplets and not through touch.  TLM works for the people affected by leprosy , helping them regain their health and become an active member of the community. They are empowered to access their rights to social justice, education and employment .

TLM has won many awards and accolades for its dedicated work , the most recent of which has been TIMES OF INDIA SOCIAL IMPACT AWARD 2015.

TLM works extensively to help the patients suffering from Leprosy by:

a.        Providing for Artificial Limbs

b.        Providing for Wheelchair

c.         Providing for Special Shoes

d.        Reconstructive Surgery to correct the clawed hand , feet and eyes

e.        Vocational training programs education for children​

TLMTI's hospitals provide specialized services for patients who are battling leprosy complications and struggling with discrimination and stigma. Our sustainable Livelihoods Program focuses on education support to students, social security assistance, vocational training.  

The links below gives you a brief description of our work​ :








Please visit our website www.tlmindia.org for further details.

We would really appreciate your financial support which will help us to a great extent or any platforms to raise awareness about the stigma these people face. 

All donations are eligible for 100% tax exemption under section 35AC of Indian IT Act​ for educational and vocational training support.​

Look forward for a positive response.  Please let us know what a convenient time might be to get back to you.

Please give what you can TODAY  to  SAVE LIVES and ALLEVIATE SUFFERING.

Warm Regards,


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