[C-Blog] Vistaprint Review and T Shirt Buying Guide

Vistaprint is an online website where we an order printed items like mugs, T Shirts etc. My experience with Vistaprint was good enough. They usually say they deliver on or before the expected delivery date. However, this time they shipped only on the deliery date, but managed to speed up and get the item delivered the next day. So one day delay from expected date of delivery.

When I called on the date of delivery they said they will do a refund after item gets actually delivered as it is a delay from their side. But on next day they said they have escalated the thing and will be receiving item on that day. Anyway got the item een if there was a day's delay from expected date of delivery. So I am ok with that. 

Item printing quality was good, but sizes were not fully as I had expected. I usually wear XL T Shirts. So I choose XL for Polo, Cotton and Polyster shirts. While Polo was slightly bigger, clotton was slightly tight and Polyster was almost of the expected size. Even for ladies dress, medium was bit too tight than expected. Same person could very well use a polyster T shirt of same size.

Thought of sharing as this might help you choose right sizes for Polo, Cotton and Polyster shirts.


Updates 07-Feb-2018:

Shipment was late by a day and there were some differences in size from our expectations. However, Vistaprint give us few credits to try out other sizes for T shirts.


Updates 16-Feb-2018:

This time shipment was late by two days than the expected delivery date they had specified while ordering.



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Vistaprint Review and T Shirt Buying Guide
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