Do Check Land Owners Share of Flats Before You Buy One in Bangalore

In Bangalore, and even in other cities too, most builders don't actually pay money to buy land and build apartments. Instead, they do that in some agreement with the original land owners. In usual cases, the land owners will be offered x number of flats.

If you are planning to buy or rent from such builders, you should be very careful. You should ask for the number of flats owned by land owners and also on their distribution.

Let me take you through two cases that I came across in Doddanakundi, Bangalore, and both these are also from the same builder: Innovative Constructions.

Innovative Petals had land owner apartments concentrated in few blocks, which was rented out to bachelors. This created lot of nuisance and finally they had to go extra miles to get some peace.

Innovative Aqua Front also have a lot of land owner apartments, around 50 from 175. There were lot of pending activities from the builder and finally people had to unite and form an association. The association did most of the hard work to get to a better position. 

However, the builder later said he will not be able to take up the maintenance and asked the association to take care of maintenance. He also gave some convincing calculations and told that he will talk to the land owners as well.

The problem now is that land owners are not paying the maintenance. Land owners say that builder has to pay because of pending work and builder says that his work is completed. Few land owner tenants are ready to pay, but their care taker from the builder side has told not to pay. There may be also few tenants who pay maintenance to owners, but are not reaching the association.  

Ultimately, the apartment maintenance is reaching a point where it cannot go forward further. This will lead to stopping of amenities like swimming pool, lift etc. Stoppage is not just for the defaulters but for all apartments. This is not a punishment to anyone, but because they don't have money to run the show.

I am hoping that the builder will pitch in and find a solution to this problem.


Update as of 23-09-2016

Association and few owners were successful in convincing the land owners of Innovative Aqua Front and they have decided to pay the maintenance.

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