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[U-Blog] My Understanding About Data Entry Jobs In India

Information about Data Entry field and how the data entry jobs work?

The people who are not getting jobs in their core and seeking job from long time, it will be very helpful.


What is Data Entry?

Data entry is the process of entering specific data or information into an application or software hosted on a computer.


Or simply, it’s your work to update and maintenance of information on company databases and computer systems.


Data entry jobs are nothing but Non-Voice jobs.


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[U-Blog] My Experience with Data Entry Jobs in India

Hello all, my name is Rajasekhar and I am from Andhra Pradesh. Here I am sharing my job experience in Data Entry field or Non-Core.


I have done (CSE) in 2014, and went to Bangalore for job seeking. Days are going on but I am unable to get my core/right job. Basically I am from poor background, my parents will go to work on daily basis. So I don’t want to be a burden for them. Then I have decided to do part time job. Started searching part time jobs on social websites.


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BITS Pilani WILP Review - You will get prompt callback and responses only until you enroll

I used to get prompt callback and replies until I paid the money. Once after payment I was not even provided with a proper receipt with BITS logo and name. This is requied for even raising a reimbursement request with the company.

When I contacted admission cell, their first response was they cannot provide. Then they said they will forward the request to accounts team if I send a mail. I have sent the mail and multiple reminders, but no reply. I hope this post reaches BITS administration. 


RTI Responses From UGC and AICTE Regarding Validity Of BITS Pilani WILP Courses

After recent supreme court order related to distance courses, we contacted UGC and AICTE through Right To Information (RTI) facility for knowing their stand on the validity of the Work Integrated Learning Program (WILP) conducted by BITS and these were their responses.



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[U-Blog] UGC has declared 21 universities in India as Fake

UGC has declared 21 universities in India as Fake. Always check for the recognition of your university or college before joining a course. You can find the list of these 21 fake universities currently @ You can also find the list of valid universities @ the ugc website.

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