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[Dexperience] ACT Tried To Impress, But Result Was Worse

ACT Broadband (Bangalore) sent a message to customers that their data limit has been increased. Mine was 100 GB limit and they increased it to 175 GB. Great? But just within days the speed got reduced from 100 mbbs to just less than 1 mbbs. I would have preferred a lesser limit with decent speed.

Is ACT Fibernet Becoming One of the Worst Internet Providers in Bangalore?

Is ACT becoming one of the worst internet providers in Bangalore, especially in their customer care? Field representatives simply close tickets giving lame reasons whenever they can't meet their targets. Same tickets were reopened numerous times as they were marked resolved without actually being resolved. They have updated tickets telling they have talked to me when they haven't. Lack of coordination between teams is also evident.

Act FN - Different speed for download and browsing

Act broadband again started acting strange. Speednet shows 20 Mbbs, but facebook won't load in few minutes... I called them and they said they will clear cache in backend and service will be fine in 15 minutes. They had cleared the cache in backend only 3 days back. Looks like I need to call them and remind to clear cache at backend. 

[Issue] ACT Fibernet gives speed for download, but not for browsing

Looks like my ACT fibernet is giving 20 Mbbs speed only during speedtest and downloads, but accessing pages are very slow at times.

When I need to simply browse facebeook or other sites over the internet I have to plugin my airtel 4g.

Not sure if anyone else is also experiening this.

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