Authorized MI Retailer Flipkart Blames MIUI

Flipkart, an authorized MI retailer, has blamed MIUI by saying that even if it displays 7 or 9 hours charging time in MIUI, actual time may be much different, even an hour. They also adds that even if MI hardware check (*#*#6484#*#*) is failing, the device will not have problems; it is just issue with MI hardware check (*#*#6484#*#*) process and flipkart has apps much superior to find if there are actualy issues.

MI Xiomi Redmi Note 4 Review - Did MI Get It All Wrong In Basics?

Has MI got it wrong with the basics for Redmi Note 4? I do not disagree with the bigger battery, better looks. But has they given less focus to the two most important functions anyone would look for from a phone these days: Calls and Camera. Even charging mobile takes a lot of time; will add exact details in the end. Of these basic functions, call is the most basic requirement for any phone and my focus in this post is just that.

Redmi Note 4 - Power Has a New OUT-OF-STOCK Look?

Redmi Note 4 is definitely a good and decent phone in its price range. But, has MI/Flipkart got their strategy wrong, giving advantage to Honor/Amazon? Honor 6X can be considered as a direct competitor to Redmi Note 4. Though it has an edge over Redmi Note 4 in camera department because of its Dual Camera, in most other specifications and even in price, MI’s Redmi Note 4 comes on top.  Still, has Honor 6X got an unexpected advantage because of the sales strategies of MI/Flipkart and Honor/Amazon?

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