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Android to iOS - Samsung Galaxy S7 vs Iphone 7 Plus

When you move from Android to iOS or vice versa, you may like some features, dislike some, and may even face many challenges. I have been using Samsung's flagship S7 currently running on Android 7, for around 6 months and will be now using Apple iPhone  plus. I will list the things I liked and disliked in both versions, along with any challenges I faced and if possible solutions as well.


General Thoughts / Mixed Thoughts

Samsung Galaxy S7 Hotspot Issue and Troubleshooting

Samsung Galaxy S7 smart phonr is a Samsung falgship product. However, I have started experiencing issues related to wifi hotspot in just around 6 months time. When I make my S7 as a hotspot many a times other mobile devices won't be able to connect. At times the signal strength is also shown as very low for other mobiles kept just next to this mobile. I had not expected this from a flagship product from Samsung and decided to wait a bit before getting Samsung Galaxy S8.

[Dexperience] Finally Android 7 In India for Samsung S7

Finally got Android 7 installed in my Samsung Galaxy S7. Not sure if it met my expectations, but will evaluate further and share my experience. 

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