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[Dexperience] One Month On, Still Waiting For Skoda Maintenance Package Confirmation

4 year maintenance free package for Skoda's cars was one of Skoda's advertisement highlights this year. It was part of Project Delight, a project to make the lot of unhappy Skoda customers happy. The document says "On receipt of SAIPL’s approval dealership to print SAIPL Invoice, PMS certificate, scope of work, coverage documents, sign and hand it over to customer within 30 days of delivery date (DAN)". However, my one month time after delivery has passed yesterday and still not positive response from dealer (Vinayak Skoda).

[Dexperience] Skoda Gives 14 inch Spare Wheel Tyre For The 16 inch Alloy Wheels of Skoda Rapid LE

I took the delievery of car Skoda Rapid DSG Style Limited Edition from Vinayaka Cars Bangalore and was surprised to see a two inch difference for the spare wheel. the spare wheel for the 16'' alloy was a 14'' non-alloy. I knew they won't be giving a spare alloy, but was not sure if the 2'' difference was fine. They said that is standard and even showed me other cars in showroom ready for delivery. All of them had 14'' non-alloy. Even width was different.

[Dexperience] Skoda Rapid Booking Experience - Delivery

Delivery was promised on my Kid's birthday and they made it ready by evening. However, as I had to attend kid's birthday function in evening (had told them before) and also since they said number plates will be ready by next day afternoon, I decided to take it the next day. Delivery experience was smooth anyway. They also had a different sales person than the one I had issues with. Only place I was bit confused was that I could see that the spare wheel for the 16'' alloy was a 14'' non alloy.

[Dexperience] Skoda Rapid Booking Experience - GC Shocker

After all the issues that happened on the previous day, I was in two minds whether to go ahead with the deal. Then I came to know that the new rapid I am booking has only 163 mm of ground clearance. The sales person had said it was originally 168 and with increase of wheel size ( this version has 16'' alloy against regular 15'') the ground clearance still increases. I knew it would not incresse, but never know it thought it would be such less, even lesser than my current Honda Amaze.

[Dexperience] Skoda Rapid Booking Experience - First Bad Experience

I had already paid the remainder of the money after the value of my old car plus exchange bonus. On the day they were supposed to start registration process, one of the sales person called me. He said exchange bonus was already added to my on road price and hence I need to pay that money extra. I was surprised and said Skoda people are cheating me. I said it was not included as communicated by his team leader.


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