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Important Note! This page will list all posts which found the eyes and ears of companies and found success. Please note that all these issues have been solved by the respective companies. We have removed these from front page and has stopped any promotions on these. Have still kept here, as we had to spent effort preparing them. These may be removed based on mutual agreement with the concerned companies. Please contact us for any concerns.


I Should Not Have Chosen Sony For 3D TV

I regret for buying a 3D TV from Sony. 3D glasses were not in the pack and it is not available to buy either. Oh yes, it is available with some people outside Sony with double and triple the price. I wonder if the glasses sold with double and triple the price in sites such as eBay, amazon etc. are with the knowledge of Sony. I also doubt if Sony is purposefully delaying the delivery of glasses to cover up any manufacturing defect with their 3D TVs. 

Is ACT Fibernet Becoming One of the Worst Internet Providers in Bangalore?

Is ACT becoming one of the worst internet providers in Bangalore, especially in their customer care? Field representatives simply close tickets giving lame reasons whenever they can't meet their targets. Same tickets were reopened numerous times as they were marked resolved without actually being resolved. They have updated tickets telling they have talked to me when they haven't. Lack of coordination between teams is also evident.

UniverCell Total Care Plan and PICKME Doorstep Solutions Scam

This is an open letter to CO-Founder & CEO at PICKME Mr. Praful (Chatrapati) Wadyalkar, Director & Co-Founder Mr. Wilbret D Raj and Co-founder & CFO Joseph Sudhakar. I am writing this to give you a clear picture of the situation and to hear your views before going ahead legally. 

If it was a one off experience for me, I would not have called it a scam and written this post taking out my precious time. You can find lots of complaints about your services all over the internet. You can find some of these @ below links:

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