Customer Are Leaving Vodafone Not Just Because of Lack of Good Plans

After the introduction of Jio, many providers are coming up with plans to lure customers. People usually leave a network and go to networks with better plans. It is a fact that Airtel has better plans for corporate employees. You can checkout the offers section for latest offers. Getting to know Vodafone's latest offers is also very difficult. However, customers are now leaving Vodafone not just because of lack of good plans, but also because of their customer care, policies and their software.


Customer Service Email Response Times for Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Tata Docomo

Airtel, Vodafone, Idea and Tata Docomo has emails to which you can send queries: 121@in.airtel.com for airtel, corpcare.kar@vodafone.com for Vodafone, customercare@idea.adityabirla.comfor Idea and  listen@tatadocomo.com for Tata Docomo. Let us see what are their response times. 

Vodafone IPL Offer For Postpaid - 26 GB 4G Data and Unlimited Calls Per Month For Rs. 499

Most mobile operators are trying to lure other operator customers to them and Vodafone also seems to follow others. Recently a customer having a non-Vodafone operator sim got an automated call that said that his number has been selected for the IPL offer and can get 26 GB 4G Data and Unlimited Calls Per Month For Rs. 499. After pressing 1, he got a call from a Vodafone representative to explain the benefit and take documents.

Vodafone 9GB New Handset Offer Cheating - Customer To Escalate With Help From Other Victims and Probably Other Competitor Providers

Customer clicked on a vodafone advertisement which said 9GB will be provided to new handsets and if they have minimum 1 GB plan. Customer had already recharged for a special plan of 179 for 1GB and hence opted in for the 9GB. Then Vodafone sent a congratulations message and now asked him to recharge one of the standard recharges starting 265 to get the plan. He topped up his balance and recharged for 265 from balance. Balance got reduced by 265 and 1.5 GB got credited as expected of the plan. However, he still did not get any offer of 9GB.

Vodafone - How to get Unlimited Calls and 1 GB per day for 56 days with 342 recharge?

To counter Jio, vodafone has posted ads for unlimited calls with 1 GB data per day for 1 year with 342 recharge of 56 day validity. There is also another recharge of 346 with 10GB data per month and unlimited calls. Pic from a shop wall in Marathahalli taken on 11/3/2017 attached. It also says that it has to be done before 15th March.


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