Vodafone Madness Part 3

This is a summary of the events, mostly bad experiences, I had with Vodafone, which has made me take a decision towards leaving Vodafone postpaid after migrating to corporate postpaid plan 3 months back. Some of my colleagues has already ported the connection. Main reasons include very slow processes, fake promises, wrong activations, contradicting reponses by customer care, lack of proper care and plans for postpaid customers, especially corporate customers, buggy software and apps, and overall lack of transparency in things they do.


My Experience With Vodafone After The Open Letter

This is my experience in continuation to my open letter to Vodafone management available @ http://criticscloud.com/blog-entry/an-open-letter-to-vodafone-management... have got immediate response from Vodafone Facebook team and got a call from a representative within half a day. I also got few other mails from other customer care representatives. Only problem was that many of these calls and mails were contradicting to each other. 

An Open Letter To Vodafone Management - Please Do Not Lose Focus On Software, Customer Service and Postpaid Customers

I was a happy customer of Vodafone until few months back when I was a prepaid customer. Things were not the same after I migrated to postpaid. I think Vodafone really panicked when Jio came in and did many things, which their systems not customer service never understood. 

[Dexperience] Good Software Wins Airtel a Customer Against Vodafone

Once Jio came in vodafone started trying many things which their systems never understood any of it. I have been getting many issues with respect to the data usage listing in vodafone app, bill generation etc. Every time I call customer care, they give a reply which is no way related to how their systems show not what the previous representatives has said. In my latest incident, I got charged for 11GB of data whereas my actual usage was less than 5GB. When I called customer care, the lady said there are many such issues related to their systems and will be rectified soon.

Vodafone - Forget 3G, Network itself is not there

I recently upgraded my vodafone to 3g plan in Bangalore. Now I am not getting even network properly. Most of the times it is no network, and inside my house it is 100 percent no network. I tried all settings. Can't even call customer care (without network how can you? :) ). So sent a mail and waiting for reply.

I will not need to wait for 30 days for the 3g to expire to get the network back.


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