[C-Blog] Is WebinarJam a Scam?

Is WebinarJam a Scam? I do not think so yet. But is it worth the hype and reviews? I am not very sure. I tested the trial, but based on their support and terms of conditions, I cancelled as soon as possible.

I could not find an option to change plan. Cancellation is also not straight forward. I contacted support few times and there were no response. When you pay for one whole year (they do not have monthly plan) you need to be extra sure. What if they take this money and do not provide service. 

Did Flipkart and RetailNet just commit the cheapest sale day fraud in history of online shopping?

Flipkart Independence Day Sale 2019 happened on 8th, 9th and 10th August 2019. They sold many products on huge discounts.

I ordered few toys on discount during the sale for my kid with below proces. But after the sale day Flipkart cancelled it and asked me to buy from the same seller for almost double the price. 

Pact vs India - Over 60 Percent Extra Hidden Charges When Shipped Through UPS Only for India?

I recently ordered some books from Packt Publishers from their website. They outsourced the printing to a company called Lightning Source who shipped the books through UPS transport. Original invoice amount for books was Rs. 9236 plus shipping charges of Rs. 550. The Packt FAQ mentions no more extra charges for India (See FAQ screenshot). However, UPS courier charged Rs. 5790 extra, which is around 62 percent extra over the original amount of Rs. 9236.

GST Confusions - Is GST applicable for printed books - Is UPS, PacktPub and Lightning Source printing saying so?

Is GST applicable for the import of printed books? Going through internet pages I thought it was NIL, until UPS.com courier company and PacktPub publishers convinced me otherwise. Yes, these GST rules are a bit confusing for a common man. Continue reading if you want to understand what I mean.

Going through below public links I had the misconception that there is no GST for books and the HSN code 4901 support it.

Amazon Gift Wrap Scam - How Much Money Amazon Would Have Made Through This Scam?

Is this one of the biggest scam in e-commerce industry from Amazon in the recent days? Amazon India, like many other e-commerce providers, allow you to gift wrap your item for a nominal fee. How many of you actually check with the recipient if they actually got it in gift wrap. Will the recipient ever complain?


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