Kartra Scam - Unbiased Review


I had created an account with Kartra for $1. Since I did not have enough time I cancelled it.

Later, Mr. A J Roberts sent me a mail telling I can get 6 months of a plan for 597 dollars. I made the payment for 597 and even got a invoice. But there is no account. Not even forgot password works. No support. Nothing. Feeling cheated.

Main problem with cheap service providers such as Kartra is that all their mails are automated marketing emails and there is no proper support. If it is working it is good. Else you suffer.

Most of the reviews you see around are made my Genesis Digital itself. So you can't know for sure which review is true. I will be writing my true experiences about Kartra here. 


Some of the things I do not like Kartra is:

  1. You cannot change your username.
  2. No live support
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