LG Shoppe Adishwar Marathahalli - A Place You Can Never Trust?


You can buy LG product from many shops, but people like me usually prefer LG shoppe because it is LG only showroom. But my experience with delivery and installation was not so good with LG Shoppe Adishwar Marathahalli. Installation was promised on a day and time and when I called them after that they are telling the technician forgot about it. How professional? Even delivery was late than promised.

Ezone, which is just nearby had said they will get it installed in next day. And LG Shoppe Adishwar Marathahalli people said they will take one more day as it is Good Friday and will come to install exactly by 9 AM. It is Holy week for Christians and hence I confirmed it with them again. I had decided to wait for a day more than Ezone, just because of trust and they have just lost it. When I was buying they were telling installation will start at 8 and they will come at 9 to my house. Today when I called customer care by 10, a lady from Rajajinagar office said I can call Marathahalli office after 11 as they usually open only by that time.

LG Shoppe Adishwar Marathahalli people are now telling service starts only after 10 and will come anytime today and I should not go to Church, but wait at home for technician. They are telling technician might have forgotten it when asked why they told a particular time when buying the AC. How professional? Do they not have any process of tracking things? This is clearly a break of trust. They had acted as if they are talking to the technicain in phone when I had taken the AC. If they had at least informed me that they will not be able to come by day before yesterday itself or at least by yesterday, I could have gone for other activities.

I regret for my decision to select LG Shoppe Adishwar Marathahalli. If I had bought from online, same products would have been at least 5K lesser. Ezone was also providing some offers and would have installed a day earlier at least.

Will provide more update later.


Final Update

The technician came later, as he had confirmed over phone and did the installation in a decent way. Only if the showroom people had informed me in advance of change in plan or given the technician number, my experience would have been different. I was planning to buy a Fridge as well from LG and had already discussed with the store people, but now I am a bit confused about whether to go to the same place. Anyway moving the issue to RESOLVED status.

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