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Is PNB Housing Limited Taking Blank Signed Papers A Scam?

PNB Housing Limited collects blank signed papers from customers in the name of loan processing. Interestingly, the blank pages we had to sign already was notary attested. I am not going into the legality of that now, but I was frustrated about adding details there which we had clearly asked not to do; especially enrolling people to Tata AIG insurance without consent. 

Do Check Land Owners Share of Flats Before You Buy One in Bangalore

In Bangalore, and even in other cities too, most builders don't actually pay money to buy land and build apartments. Instead, they do that in some agreement with the original land owners. In usual cases, the land owners will be offered x number of flats.

If you are planning to buy or rent from such builders, you should be very careful. You should ask for the number of flats owned by land owners and also on their distribution.

A Hybrid Maintenance Proposal for An Apartment

This is a possible hybrid maintenance proposal made by my apartment and I am evaluating. I will start with a bit of history, then the current proposal, followed by my questions and suggestions. You may skip history part and start reading directly from 'Proposed Hybrid Model'. Please provide feedback and feel free to contradict my views.

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