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Airtel - You Have Got 63 GB, But Should Not Use It!

I had changed the plan and now Airtel app is showing previous data, new data, old plan data and more. When I use data it gets reduced from previous data, but customer care ask not to use data from previous data, but only from current plan. They said their systems won't work correctly until my next month bill cycle and hence I need to calculate my usage manually. 

Is Airtel Family Plan Defeating the Purpose of Linking Adhar?

Airtel is providing two versions of family plan. One with limited plan and one with unlimited. While you can add a family member for as low as 33 per month in corparate family plan (limited), you can add a member for 299 for the unlimited infinity plan.

However there is a catch. All connections should be in one person't name and should be linked to one Adhar card. Is it defeating the purpose of linking individual adhar to mobile connections. With airtel family, a family will have one adhar linked instead of per person adhar.

[Dexperience] Issue With Moto G5 Plus and Jio

Motorolla phones were once good (might be). There are people still opt for it against MI Phones, telling MI Phones are chinese phones. What about Motorolla? They are too Chineese phones now (it is owned by Lenovo). But unlike MI, these phones comes out less tested I guess and with many bugs probably.

Minimum Bill Plans For Different Mobile Network Providers in Karnataka

The aim of this post is to list the minimum plans available with all mobile providers in Bangalore, which should be applicable to whole of Karnataka in most cases. I have tried to rank the providers based on least amount plans available. Some of these are for corporate customers, but these are what I got from various providers. I have sent the link to them for verification. 



Minimum Plan: 124

Details: 300 local minutes, 200 sms.

Latest Airtel Plans and Offers

Will be listing down the latest Airtel plans and offers for prepaid and postpaid. If you know about one not listed here, please let us know and we will reward you will free recharges. 



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