Minimum Bill Plans For Different Mobile Network Providers in Karnataka

The aim of this post is to list the minimum plans available with all mobile providers in Bangalore, which should be applicable to whole of Karnataka in most cases. I have tried to rank the providers based on least amount plans available. Some of these are for corporate customers, but these are what I got from various providers. I have sent the link to them for verification. 



Minimum Plan: 124

Details: 300 local minutes, 200 sms.

Minimum Plan With Internet: 199

Details: IPlan


Tata Docomo

Minimum Plan: 125

Details: 200 Mins free Local calls

Minimum Plan With Internet: 222

Details: 200 Mins free Local calls, 1 GB internet.



Minimum Plan: 149

Details: Refer to

Minimum Plan With Internet: 149

Details: Refer to



Minimum Plan: 149 for corporate, 199 for others

Details: My Plan

Minimum Plan With Internet: 149 for corporate, 199 for others

Details: My Plan



Minimum Plan: 199

Details: RED4Business_199_2017

Minimum Plan With Internet: 349

Details: RED4Business_349_2017



Minimum Plan: NA

Details: NA

Minimum Plan With Internet: NA 

Details: NA

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