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LG Shoppe Adishwar Marathahalli - A Place You Can Never Trust?

You can buy LG product from many shops, but people like me usually prefer LG shoppe because it is LG only showroom. But my experience with delivery and installation was not so good with LG Shoppe Adishwar Marathahalli. Installation was promised on a day and time and when I called them after that they are telling the technician forgot about it. How professional? Even delivery was late than promised.

I Should Not Have Chosen Sony For 3D TV

I regret for buying a 3D TV from Sony. 3D glasses were not in the pack and it is not available to buy either. Oh yes, it is available with some people outside Sony with double and triple the price. I wonder if the glasses sold with double and triple the price in sites such as eBay, amazon etc. are with the knowledge of Sony. I also doubt if Sony is purposefully delaying the delivery of glasses to cover up any manufacturing defect with their 3D TVs. 

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