How to File RTI Request for Faster PF Transfer Status Update

Here you will see how to file RTI request for faster PF transfer status update. Once you start changing companies, transferring PF and knowing the PF status is not as easy as you think, if you have not already experienced it. After checking with PF office many times, and even after raising a PF grievance and 3 reminders, nothing much happened. But finally I decided to send an RTI request and within 30 days, I got back answer for all the questions I asked. So thought of sharing the process here.

The process is very simple, but before going forward with below, try registering a grievance at If nothing happens for one month, procees with below.

Step 1: Get a postal order for Rs.10 from any post office.


Step 2: Prepare a simple RTI request as below with your details, above postal order details and the questions you need answer. 


Application Form for Seeking Information under RTI Act 2005


Central Public Information Officer
Employees’ Provident Fund Organization,
Office of the Addl.Central Provident Fund Commisioner
Bhavishyanidhi Bhavan,
No. 13, Raja Ram Mohan Roy Road,
Bangalore- 560025(KN)

Applicant Name


Applicant Address


Applicant Email


Applicant Phone


PF Account Number


Previous PF Number



Information Sought:

I have an EPF account with my previous employer <employer-name, city>. I applied for transfer of my EPF account and it was executed on <date>. I have raised grievance with reference number <Your-grievance-number>send <3> reminders, and finally closed, but nothing about PF transfer status. I downloaded the PF statement from member portal which also does not show the PF transfer details. I am attaching annexure-K received from previous organization for transfer and latest PF statement from member portal along with this request.

I would like to know the following things within 30 days of receipt of this application:

1.      Have you received my application for transfer of PF account from PF A/C number <Your-previous-PF-Acc-Number>  to PF A/C number < Your-current-PF-Acc-Number > as per attached annexure-k? Please mention date of receipt of application(s) and its current status.

2.      Why is my PF transfer detail not showing in the PF statement?

3.      How much more time it will take to get PF transfer detail updated in the PF statement?

4.      Please let me know the current balance in my account and if the interest is accruing or not?

5.      Please provide details of First Appellate Authority under RTI Act 2005 with detailed postal and email address etc. for this RTI application.

“I do hereby declare that I am a citizen of India. I request you to ensure that the information is provided before the expiry of the 30 day period after you have received the application”.

Proof of payment of application fee: Attached Indian Postal Order for Rs.10/- dated <date> favoring “Accounts Officer of EPFO” as application fee.

Date:                                                                                Name: 

Place:                                                                               Signature:

You can write any of your valid queries.


Step 3: Take a print out of above filled application, write your signature, put it in an envelope for speed post along with the postal order(s) and any attachments you have mentioned. 


Step 4: Send it as speed post, as you can track the delivery date; and don't miss the speed post slip. Never send it in normal post.


Let me know if it was helpful and also if you have any doubts in doing this. You can download the sample word from HERE

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