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[Dexperience] Vodafone is giving 84 GB for 84 days

Vodafone is giving 84 GB for 84 days with recharge of 445, for new or ported sims (prepaid). Verified on 11/9/2017. Check with customer care at 198 before recharging.


[Dexperience] Vodafone starts outstation adhar linking

Vodafone starts outstation adhar linking from September 1st. We have verified this for postpaid re-verification and prepaid new connection (with Karnataka number and Kerala Adhar).


[Dexperience] Skoda India Fooling People With Ads They Can't Deliver

@SkodaIndia - 56 Days! Skoda invoicing software is down for 56 days now. I am still waiting after payment for 4 year SMP. Fooling buyers with Ads that you cannot deliver?

[Dexperience] Do News Channels Make Tie Ups With Office Boys or Employees Of IT Company and Malls

Two common things I see around these days:

  1. Office boys selecting a particular news chanel. and instructing other office boys also to do the same.

  2. Some employees come to TV room switch on a news channel and simply leave without watching it.

Interistingly not much of the actual vievers are interested in those channels. And channels then claim they are the number one channels.

[Dexperience] Airtel's Complaint Mailbox is Full Won't Accept New Messages

Airtel's Complaint Mailbox is Full Won't Accept New Messages:

Delivery has failed to these recipients or groups:


The recipient's mailbox is full and can't accept messages now. Please try resending this message later, or contact the recipient directly.

The following organization rejected your message: CPUNEXCHOTZP20.airtel.itm.


[Dexperience] Lots Of Airtel Issues Over A Week

After Airtel has announced its new set of promises, we could see a lot of issues over a week or more now. Interistingly Airtel customer care has no clue about most of the issues. Issue resolution time increases upto 35 times. We have posted lot of issues recently and have even posted an open letter to Airtel CEO.


[Dexperience] Jio Speedtest At Doddanakundi Bangalore

Tested Jio again from an appartment in Doddanakundi that stays near to the lake. Speed has not crossed 1 mbps. However call clarity is good even inside house, especially when connected to normal Wifi. At times calls also gets connected to some other person.


[Dexperience] One Month On, Still Waiting For Skoda Maintenance Package Confirmation

4 year maintenance free package for Skoda's cars was one of Skoda's advertisement highlights this year. It was part of Project Delight, a project to make the lot of unhappy Skoda customers happy. The document says "On receipt of SAIPL’s approval dealership to print SAIPL Invoice, PMS certificate, scope of work, coverage documents, sign and hand it over to customer within 30 days of delivery date (DAN)". However, my one month time after delivery has passed yesterday and still not positive response from dealer (Vinayak Skoda).

[Dexperience] Issue With Moto G5 Plus and Jio

Motorolla phones were once good (might be). There are people still opt for it against MI Phones, telling MI Phones are chinese phones. What about Motorolla? They are too Chineese phones now (it is owned by Lenovo). But unlike MI, these phones comes out less tested I guess and with many bugs probably.

[Dexperience] Users Cannot Post To Their Own Facebook Pages

Facebook users are not able to post to their own pages with the new update. Users are clueless and you don't get any reply from the Facebook team as well. Many people have spent lot of money promoting Facebook pages within Facebook itself, but worry if all is lost. Is all lost? Or is it a bug? Or have they changed any policies?


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