HDFC IT Services needs to improve a lot

HDFC IT Services like the IVR, web site etc. needs to improve a lot compared to its competetors like ICICI, CITI etc. I can easily understand the technical flaws while accessing its IVR and web site is because I have worked on developing these for an international credit cards company based out of US.

Cost for services like debit card charges are also high compared to its competetors, based on features they provide. A smooth experience for customers is essential for their satisfaction and continued usage. Personally, these experiences have made me use HDFC banking services less compared to other banks. 

Some of the issues that irritate me most is their IVR timeout. Even if you give right input after a prompt, it says chances over when I did not make even a single mistake. Looks like you have to type in options before a prompt is over.

And regarding points redumption, customer care ask to do it from website. But whenever I try from website it says service currently not available.

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