RTI request

Does charitable trusts come under RTI?

Does charitable trusts come under RTI? I haven't yet found the answer for this, but would share my recent experience of false promises, cheating and even trying to blackmail with one of the charitable trusts in Wayanad, Kerala. This trust is called Nandanam Charitable Trust aka Nandanam agency wayanad and is based out of Anjukunnu, Wayanad, Kerala. 

How to File RTI Request for Faster PF Transfer Status Update

Here you will see how to file RTI request for faster PF transfer status update. Once you start changing companies, transferring PF and knowing the PF status is not as easy as you think, if you have not already experienced it. After checking with PF office many times, and even after raising a PF grievance and 3 reminders, nothing much happened. But finally I decided to send an RTI request and within 30 days, I got back answer for all the questions I asked. So thought of sharing the process here.

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